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Does your PC or Laptop fail to load Windows ?

If your computer is failing to boot up Windows then you could have a serious problem. There are a number of reasons why a computer would fail to boot, but it’s never a good sign. We can help, for immediate advice or to book an appointment call: 0844 504 9205

Here are some reasons for boot failure:

1) Hard disk drive failure

Hard drive failure is the most common towards data loss. If you don’t have your machine backed up then this could be a dangerous situation for you. Common signs of hard drive failure are;

a) Machine stops at the boot logo screen, when you turn the machine on the post, bios screen or splash screen displays, showing the manufacture logo of the motherboard or laptop and fails to continue after that point.

b) Windows loading but freezes during the boot process.

c) Windows loading but often restarts, sometimes displaying a blue screen (known as the blue, black screen of death)

d) A clicking sound coming from the sound of the hard drive powering up and down.

e) Sound glitches in Windows, like the log in windows sounds, stuttering is a common sign of the hard drive failure.

f) Computer running very slow, it can mean a virus or spyware infection, but it can also be a result in the hard drive failing, making certain data sectors hard to read.?

2) Data corruption

Windows can fail to load if some of the system files have corrupted in result of a program installation or a program uninstallation, or just a bad read and write error whilst the machines hard drive is active. This can be caused by incorrect forced shutdowns, a failed windows update, an incorrect device driver being installed, virus removal software accessing a file during shutdown. Data corruption can sometimes be repaired without any loss of data or replacement parts.

3) Hardware fault

There are many devices that make up a computer, the standard ones are listed below:

Motherboard, Memory (RAM), Hard drive, Optical Drive, CPU (Processor), PSU (Power Supply Unit), Sound Card, Video Card and input devices such as monitors, keyboard and mouses etc.. Any of these parts can cause fault and result in boot failure.

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