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Got a new PC and need assistance with the initial setup?

  Want to make sure your PC is configured for optimum performance?

Core Concept Computer Services can ensure that your PC is setup correctly and will advise how to keep it that way.

We can discuss the  best practices for installing new software, protecting against computer viruses & spyware and ensuring your PC is secure when connected to the Internet.

Software Setup

  Does your PC need its operating system upgrading or a service pack installed?

  Got problems upgrading to Windows 10?

  Unsure whether to apply those software update patches that the vendor says are critical?

  Want to ensure that you antivirus/firewall software is installed and configured correctly?

Core Concept Computer Services can install your software for you, ensuring that it is running correctly. We will also advise on any necessary hardware upgrades that may be required to run the software as efficiently as possible.

Software Support

  Need advice on how to get the most out of your software programs?

  Often think “Just how do I do this,that with your software programs?”

With many years experience of supporting PC users with their software questions, Core Concept Computer Services can advise on the use of a wide range of applications. Don’t worry about asking how to do something, we are used to dealing with users of all levels of experience and are happy to research solutions if we cannot answer your question from our own knowledge.

Setting up a new computer or laptop can be time consuming. Core Concept Computer Services are available to help businesses with this task, from removing unnecessary programs that make your computers faster to transferring data and settings from old systems. Our computer health check service ensures your business is back being productive as soon as possible.

Computer installations can be of any size and any device. Windows PC’s and laptops are not the only devices businesses use these days; Tablets, Smart devices and Apple Products now make up a high percentage of user devices, especially with remote working and cloud applications. Experience is key to delivering these devices correctly.

  • Laptop/Cmos Battery Replacement
  • Memory Upgrade/Replacement
  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement
  • Cracked hinges/Panels
  • Hard Drive Repair/Migration
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Laptop LCD Screen Repair
  • Motherboard Replacement
  • Custom Gaming Rigs
I took my laptop to Core Concept and was very impressed with their inexpensive and fast service. My computer got a virus, which affected my data, and they were able to restore all of my pictures and documents.. PR - Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

Paul Rogers

As an competitive PC Gamer my computer's performance and specification is of the upmost importance to me. Core-Concepts are the only company locally who I would trust with the maintenance and care of my rig as they alone, locally, have the expertise to work with high specification gaming PCs. I wouldn't trust anyone else.. SB - Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Stephen Beat