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No matter what your business, no matter what your size, your data needs to be kept safe. Any installations from Core Concept. We will always consider the impact on your backups and disaster recovery. Why? Because this is the default method for recovering your business and data from any kind of problem. It is critical to any business that data is backed up and stored in a safe location or off-site to allow a recovery to take place if required.

Data Backups
Data now comes in many forms; emails, documents, databases and web content, all of which need to be recoverable in the event of a disaster. This means regular site-backups need to be combined with the correct strategy for getting data offsite. Core Concept can advise on the best strategy to work with your business and ensure that even if the backups are controlled by non-it staff, help is always at hand.

The data requirements for all businesses are growing every day. Businesses use terabytes more often than gigabytes. This means traditional backup methods and strategies do not always fit. Core Concept can deliver the backup solution that is right for your business needs, right for your IT environment and right for your future growth.

Core Concept look after businesses from all sectors, some have stricter data compliance regulations more than others. This must be kept in mind when designing a backup solutions for any business.

Disaster Recovery
Everyone hopes the day will never come, but it can happen from opening an infected email attachment to other disasters such as fire or flood damage resulting in days or weeks of non production or even possibly business closure and every business needs to plan for the worst case scenario. What are the critical elements of your business? What data needs to be recovered first? What’s the minimum data required to get the business operating? Core Concept will work with you to understand this. We write your IT data recovery plan and ensure your backup strategy delivers.

In the event of any disaster you need to be confident that your planning has ensured you can recover data. Working with Core Concept, we can plan a series test recoveries to ensure that your IT investment is in safe hands.

Drive Cloning / Migration
We will clone or migrate your existing drive to new hardware and we support all formats from IDE, Sata to Solid State and M.2 formats including the newer NVMe type and Bitlocker encrypted media.

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I took my laptop to Core Concept and was very impressed with their inexpensive and fast service. My computer got a virus, which affected my data, and they were able to restore all of my pictures and documents.. PR - Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

Paul Rogers

As an competitive PC Gamer my computer's performance and specification is of the upmost importance to me. Core-Concepts are the only company locally who I would trust with the maintenance and care of my rig as they alone, locally, have the expertise to work with high specification gaming PCs. I wouldn't trust anyone else.. SB - Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Stephen Beat